Saturday, January 25, 2014

Visual Novel : Freak-Quency

Hello there! Are you experiencing a wonderful Saturday so far? Hope it's much more interesting than what I experience currently, because mine isn't actually - I had to continuously developing this blog all day (which drains my stamina a lot!)

...anyway, for the first actual post on this blog, I'd like to bring a solo visual novel project from one of our members - Dewi Nur Fitri // Xerofit51 - to the limelight : Freak-Quency. Long story short, this visual novel takes place in a world where a virtual reality game entitled Freak-Quency booms around. The virtual reality game itself is notorious for taking its players' lives though - and it's your task to unravel the mystery around it, along with Sonnya Grey, the innocent youth, and her Freak-Quency, Jackal.

The game starts off as an usual visual novel game - with dialogues, option buttons, and such. Looks indifferent with other visual novel? Alright, now here comes the interesting part : this is no ordinary visual novel, this game is a RPG-Visual Novel Hybrid. Yes, after several minutes of playtime or so, you'll be engaged into a battle scene. The battle scene itself is still simplistic at its current version though, as the creator made it an optional choice by now (players may skip the battle scene if he/she demands it).

Possible actions taken during the battle are similar to other RPG games around - attack, magic, and else. This might be personal, but the water spell reminds me of what used in Middens somehow. Speaking aside the battle, to attract more players into the game, the creator decided to add some interactive scene as portrayed in the picture below. There are some mini-quests and the 'Yen system', which is - I guess you've figured it out - the monetary system used in the game, although shops, items, and et cetera are not yet implemented by far.

About the songs and sound effects used on the game itself, I personally found that it is simple yet effective. On the game's boot, the players were introduced with a calming main menu music, which is an instrumental rendition of a popular song. I do forgot the song's title, but I realized that the battle scene's music is an instrumental rendition of Trick and Treat. Keep in mind though as this version is still far from final, theme songs and such are most likely to be changed on later release.

As someone who has worked with a team to create a Visual Novel game beforehand (Equation of the Heart - I'll write about this sometimes, mayhap) I found this game interesting and catchy for a game which is still in a premature development stage. The main weakness of this game is probably the writing itself, which requires a lot of proof reading and punctuation revision albeit giving a promising story so far.

People who wish to experience the game by theirselves may download the game here EDIT: Don't mind that old link, grab the newer version here!

- Nivalyx

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