Saturday, February 1, 2014

News : Freak-Quency Update

Great news just came into our desk few minutes ago! The creator of the Freak-Quency visual novel-RPG hybrid (which we had written about previously), Dewi Nur Fitri // Xerofit51, just contacted us and told that she had crafted a newer, enhanced version for her game!

Here are some exciting new features that are included in the newer versions:

  • The 'Pink Mailbox' saving system
  • Improved backgrounds (in collaboration with sakon04)
  • Progressions on the 'Yen system' we previously wrote about
  • Addition of simple maps and quest instructions

Apologize if that sounds like an advertising though, but I personally will get into this version (and write my impressions about it again) as soon as I'm a bit freer from my current tasks on hand - for the meantime, feel free to read what we previously wrote or grab the newer version here!

(PS: That image we include above is the game's official promotional poster, credits to Sakon04)

- Nivalyx

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