Sunday, May 25, 2014

News Glimpse - May 2014

Well, first and foremost, holiday season is fast arriving, so (obligatory) happy holidays to everyone from us! May this holiday season be a great one (:

Speaking aside, there's one major consequence regarding this holiday season, though : The vast decrease of Genshiken ITB members' activity. For us - Genshiken Story - this is no exception, sadly. Worry not, though - we've compiled several exciting things around in a short glimpse of news. Feel free to take a look!

  • The 'You can (not) paham project' that we mentioned just underwent a major tweak - the project is now currently under chrovide's lead (whose real name is still not possible for us to disclose), has been renamed into Heavy Inversion, and - most importantly - has received a new logo. Although the designer himself, Maulana Mahardika // raika4freedom stated that 'the logo may subject to change', it's still possible for us to share the temporary design, so... yep - here it is:

  • Apparently there are some story-based contents (guest reviews, even) posted on the old, abandoned Genshiken ITB website (most notably this one) - it's still unclear at this point whether we are allowed to re-post the content here or not, though. In the meantime, feel free to toy around the old Genshiken ITB website!
  • The once-delayed Pen-Gen finally came into reality earlier today at SDN Lanuma Husein Sastranegara. How it went in general was more or less similar to the contains of our earlier post (no bombshells or anything), with Bima S. // ntLKM and Lisa S. Onggrid // requiem representing Genshiken ITB on the story post (I was stationed on the movie outpost myself, though, sharing stuffs about digital video editing and else). Here's a sneak peek of how this morning's event went:

    The activities done back then varies with each outpost, but for the story post specifically we did a short Chronicle of Budi-like story (a chain story where each person is only allowed to write two consecutive sentences at max, in this case) and - furthermore - we also asked the children (from Safeducation) to create a short story based on a random sequence of chosen illustrations.

    And, ah, yes! That was a joyful experience to everyone involved. We initially planned to create a full-length article on this, but the assigned commander-in-chief - Yusuf A. // KIRAfollower - asked us personally not to. Several more pictures are available to view on Genshiken ITB's Facebook Page, though - feel free to head there!

Well, yes, that concludes all we wanted to share - nothing major thus far, we can say. All Genshiken ITB divisions are still undergoing a transition between their old and new magistrates though, just for your (probably trivial) information.

Once again, have a joyful holiday from us!

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