Saturday, October 18, 2014

GST 2014 : Projects Insight

(illustration by Om Tivi)

Dear fellow readers, first and foremost allow us to incept this report with a retrospective question : Remember when we posted an oversee of this consecrated visual novel ages ago? Ah, such a magnificent moment back then. One thing remained unchanged ever since is the time's forward progression, and the march of tick itself has brought us to this very point - the point where the cycle turned into its starting point once more.

Yes, a year has passed, and the time for yet another Genshiken Staff Training (GST) season has arrived. Every GST so far has been a promising momentum to uncover up some precious individuals in the creative industry, and this year's no exception. Had last year's GST unveiled some creative works such as (x²+y²-1)³=x²y³ and Phantasmagoria : A World Genshiken Only Knows*, what would this year's GST projects has to offer, then?

Before proceeding further we'd like to remind you that this sighting report is limited to Story Division-related projects due to length constraints. Outside this post, afraid not to traverse into five other realms - uncut gems ready to be polished are scattering firm among all six Genshiken ITB divisions, really. Have our heartfelt assurance.

  • Novel : (title yet to be decided) // A romance novel project led by Luh Putu Viona Damayanti about a female basketball player in tandem with collaborative illustrations. We don't allocate this project first on the list for no reason - the concept to the story (or the story itself, even) has been residing within suspension state somewhere among Viona's hard drive for years. It is imminent that this acts as a major hint to Viona's true literary artistry (which is something we're looking up to) - furthermore, she had admitted that she is in-charge of administering a writing blog somewhere in which she decided to undisclose at this point.
  • Visual Novel : Locked Up // The whole horror scene (especially the ones that circles around murder) is notorious for being difficult to simulate on, yet Andri H. and Stephen A. decided to step upon this sorrowful world of infinite enigmas. It's a pleasant surprise for us to find out there's a dynamic duo who aims for succession upon the creation of this life-and-death game scene with the aid of Microsoft Visual Studio, as this project borders tightly with its risks. Their proposal so far is laden with programming-related stuffs, though. 
  • Short Stories Anthology : Legenda Sungai Cikapundung // As a late entrant, it's imminent that a distinct innovation is greatly needed to create an encharming writing considering the time disadvantage. With that in mind, M. Fathur and his team attempted to do an unorthodox approach on their project - crafting a fictional world in which the story greatly relates to the real world's issues (be it local or global). All of these branching wonders point into the story's main goal - educating. Yes, as fas as we've concerned no one has attempted to create an educational folktale previously on GST, and it's interesting to see how these creative pioneers execute their masterplan.
  • Illustrated Stories 1 : (title yet to be decided) // Being the most enormous group on the Story category (and the second most enormous among the whole GST 2014 universe), this yet-to-be-unveiled superproject tells an epic which revolves around the medieval age. Not much is known at the moment about this group of ten hopefuls except for they're the ones who had achieved the furthest progress upon the time of this writing.
  • Illustrated Stories 2 : (title yet to be decided) // Had there been a concept too mysterious for scientists to decipher, it might just be the conundrum of time and space. Yet, a giant question mark lies on how shifting time and space in a fashion may alter realities and dimensions. Within this cosmic baffles, please welcome this daring group-of-seven - led by Deny - who aims to refurbish this parallax based on their own perspective. Interesting 'future sight' concept so far, though we haven't heard a lot on their development side for now.

Ahead of these groups are five different pathways leading to one ultimate finish line. As they're progressing forward in their own journey, it's our task at hand to invigorate their soul and mind as a forefront beacon. Who will yield upon the brightest shine on the presentation day?

*Yes, we haven't got this covered on this very blog (yet) - we fully realize. Maybe someday (:


PS : It appears that a teaser story for Locked Up has been submitted as an contending entry for our latest Genshiken Writing Challenge, which is a pleasant breeze to the whole GST hemisphere. We haven't delved deep enough to the story due to us lacking proper time, though - but it's a promising one so far, we firmly believe!

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