Thursday, October 30, 2014

Story : Ethereal

Beberapa hari yang lalu, kami mendapat kiriman surat elektronik dari sang pemimpin redaksi GenMagz Lisa Santika Onggrid // requiem yang berisikan konten dengan bahasan yang sangat mendalam - filosofi. Dalam karya terbarunya kali ini, dialog antar dua tokoh mengenai argumen mimpi (Dream Argument) berperan bak kuliah informatif mengenai realita. Tak pelak, untaian kata nan mendalam tersebut membawa hawa penyegaran tersendiri bagi blog ini, walau ini bukan kali pertama kami mencantumkan konten terkait filosofi.

Sejatinya mimpi adalah karunia berupa gerbang menuju alam penuh tanya. Dream Argument pun bukanlah bahasan baru dalam peradaban manusia - beribu tahun sudah para pemikir larut dalam pembahasan mengenai apa yang terjadi di balik layar kesadaran manusia. Dengan semakin banyaknya peneliti dan penggiat mimpi (lucid dreamer) di dunia ini, setebal apakah batasan semu pemisah antara realita dan fantasi yang masih kokoh berdiri?

Sebelum Anda tenggelam lebih dalam menuju lautan pemikiran introspeksi diri, terlebih dahulu kami lampirkan detail teknis mengenai cerita pendek terkait :

  • Judul : Ethereal
  • Pengarang : Lisa Santika Onggrid // requiem

Masihkah persepsi Anda mengenai realita terjaga seperti sedia kala?


“Have you ever heard of Zhuangzi?”

Like always, she tilted her head sideways in a childish manner, one hand propping her chin. By now, he was used with this behavior.


Taking that as a cue, the girl continued almost dreamily, “A man dreamt of a butterfly. When he woke up, he couldn’t take his mind off it. He wondered, did he dream of a butterfly or was the butterfly dreaming of him?”

Unsure what to say, the boy shrugged and scratched his hair. She was too much a dreamer, really. Most of the times he wondered what kept him putting up with her antics, but it was an exercise of futility.

“So?” He tried, coaxing her to simply say whatever point she wanted to make. He was not going to waste his energy thinking what it might be. Knowing her, it would be beyond his wildest dream.

“Well, don’t you think that we too, might be part of someone’s dream?”

Now it was getting unwieldy.

“Are you saying...we’re all...unreal?”

She laughed. Distinctly innocent and somewhat pensive. Used to be her charm, but nowadays he just couldn’t get it anymore.

“Perhaps. Maybe. Who can ever prove we’re real anyway? Say, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow knowing that we’re just a figment of somebody’s imagination.”

In a foolish attempt to play with her game, he pricked his fingers against a nearby bushes. The tiny drop of blood was glistening red under the sun.

“It hurts here. Can’t you see we’re real enough?”

She shook her head.

“What do we know of hurt? Maybe in the real world, there is no pain at all, or maybe it’ll hurt worse. Who says dream cannot hurt?”

“You are getting crazy,” he muttered. That much he was sure.

“I know I am. It’s not so bad, actually. We’re already living in a world full of lies, it won’t make much 
difference if the world itself is a lie.”

He sighed. The whole conversation didn’t make any point at all. Once upon a time, he would entertain her thoughts, found them endearing, even. Currently he wished they could spend their time like any normal 
couple instead of mulling on this faux philosophical discussion.

“Gimme a break. I’m tired with your fantasy.” And randomness, if he might add.

She gave him a long, blank stare.

“No, no. You don’t understand me at all. See, there is beauty in transience. The knowledge that everything is ephemeral, that one day it will be gone... That’s what make this world worth living in, to collect those short-lived moments into a bucket of memories.”

What the hell? He tried to remember things they did together recently. What might prompt her to bring up such topic? 

He couldn’t find any. She never stayed on topic too long anyway. Her thoughts strayed and branched and hopped from one place to another, it was almost impossible to pin down what was currently happening in her mind. He gave up.

“What’s getting into you, really?”

“Nothing, I guess. Just chalk it up to one of my quirks.”

That ended the conversation. Just like that, she walked away, leaving him to ponder on the strange evening.

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