Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Story : Mysterious Affair...

...at Styles', Part 1. Yes, the full title doesn't fit in a single line, so I had to split it up like this. In case you're wondering why it should be split into two lines : it's the consequence of the (somewhat faulty) CSS line somewhere in this page - and yes, you got it right! We're just lazy to tweak it! Yaaaaay--

Anyway, hello again everyone! This time we came up with a short story we handpicked from one of Genshiken ITB's sub-projects, Gen-Magz, from the mind and hands of our reigning overlord - Rakaputra P. // Rheine! As the title intuitively says, Gen-Magz is an online web magazine which was first launched back then in 2013 encompassing the visual modern culture. Here's a quick shot at the story's custom page title on the magazine:

...and now, we got to the actual story here - beware, spoilers ahead!

Although you might expect a horror story from the title alone, this part of story doesn't envision much of it - in fact, this part serves more as a prologue. The story tells the tale of Rick Styles - a college student - with his companies who intended to spend their holiday in his very own family village. Things were very nostalgic at first, and it remains like that until the end of the story - the climax-building part only appears for a brief second.

I can fully understand why it's like that though - I got the impression personally that this story had been made long ago, sitting aimlessly on the hard disk, and then submitted as an entry for the magazine. I'm just assuming here though (I don't know whether this is true or not), bt frankly speaking, although I've been hanging around the core team of Genshiken Story for a while, until now I haven't read any single story from Rheine himself. And yes - I was surprised by the choice of words here. In my life I've only had encountered two people with this level of English diction mastery. Simply astonishing.

I personally think it's more than worth to wait for this story's sequel(s) though, as Rheine himself had proven himself as a 'wizard of words' through this story. But what REALLY worth the wait is seeing how the plot development will be - the story had featured a pseudo-psychic personality thus far (which adds much weight to the interesting side), and who knows what will be added in the future? As far as I concerned, no one but Rheine himself.

If you're wanting to know more about our Gen-Magz project, further information about it can be found on our Facebook page (the link is available on our sidebar). Speaking aside, I am also a contributor myself for that project, so... (:

Feel free to read the entire story here : Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3!

- Nivalyx

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  1. I barf at the title, because as much as I love Agatha Christie, using her novel's title would do injustice to this story. A word mastery this caliber has to form its own identity!

    This is the first time for me reading anything coming from Rheine either, so imagine my surprise. Had been a long time since I read story written in carefully-crafted English like this (excluding those written by natives).

    Satterthwaite...Now I know where to go if I'd like to talk about Agatha's books:) Typos here and there, but nothing major, until the very last line. Rick didn't find the key, but the last line said it was unlocked. Interesting so far, though. I'd like to see how this is going. I simply hope he could stop borrowing voices and references to Agatha Christie and start being on his own. He's got enough talent to do so.
    I dunno if he read this blog or not, so you might want to tell him I left a comment.

    By the way, you might want to enable comment from Name/URL because I self-host my main website (instead of using wordpress.com ending) and I find it cumbersome to login everytime I'm commenting.