Sunday, February 2, 2014

Short Story : The Golden Apple

Hello! It looks like we're on a productive streak, after all (:

Just few hours ago, one of our more renowned members of all-time, Karina R. // Riesling, sent us a relatively fresh short story, entitled The Golden Apple. It's 'relatively fresh' because it's not a brand-new story, actually - instead, actually it's a story previously prepared for an event (under the Great Conspiracy Theory flag) but wasn't released until just recently. If you're an avid attendant of comic markets and Japanese-related festivals, perhaps the name 'Riesling' feels quite familiar for you - yes, she is the creator of the phenomenal Ange Saga book which has been distributed among various events.

'The Golden Apple' itself is based on various Norse mythology character, although it's not a pure revamp of the original story - it has interesting twists every here and there. For example, the main character here - Anasthasia Appelbaum - acts as an catalyst of a certain event (I won't spoil which event it is particularly, of course). What's more - the main plot (so far, at least) took place in London, not in the nine worlds of the Norse mythology.

This short story is currently consisted of four chapters (one prologue and three actual chapters) and still undergoes heavy development - the four available chapters are available for read here, though. Keep in mind that some general knowledge about Norse mythology really helps upon understanding the story!

...and, yep, I should straighten things up that this isn't a really review as my intention is to post things about the short story in general (and supporting our fellow member). Despite that, I'll end this post with a positive spirit - have a lovely night, everyone!

- Nivalyx

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