Saturday, February 15, 2014

Story : Happy Valentine

Hello there! First and foremost, I'll answer two questions that may pop up on your head right now:

  • Yes, the image we embedded above is a direct screenshot from here.
  • Yes, I (posting on behalf of the Genshiken Story team) am terribly sorry for our inactivity recently as this blog is currently still managed single-handedly (:

I'll be quoting StrifeII here, regarding our current condition:

"Doing fine, thank you, I would say, never knowing how to talk about what I do. If I could talk about it, I would not have to do it. I make art, sometimes I make true art, and sometimes it fills the empty places in my life. Some of them. Not all.”

...back to our very subject we shall - still on valentine day's nuance, as love's presence still visible every here and there. 'Happy Valentine' may sound too generic as a title - or is it?

Well, a title's a title - it attracts audiences, yes, but the content itself which should arise to the surface. Exceptions are null for this story. Overflown with emotions and feelings, freshly flowing from Karina R. // Riesling's liquid mind. The creator's expectation, is, not surprising : to let us, dear readers, enjoy this simple yet smile-evoking story. Ah, don't rebut - a good everyday love story always elicit a smile, doesn't it? (:

Before proceeding into the epicentrum of this post, I shall warn you first though : this post contains major spoilers to the story. In case you're still eager to proceed without reading the story, first, don't say that I haven't warned you (:


What would be needed to create a love story? A couple, indeed. Stepping up into the next level, what would be needed to create a good love story? A couple and a good story plot, some say. Now, does this story have both? I'd subjectively say yes, as I found myself drowned into the story - could be biased though, as one of the major factors why this story enchanted me is the locations used in the story (which, in case you're wondering, this story is written at Cisitu itself).

The main (unnamed) character is a timid boy who is - somewhat - attracted by a girl on a certain campus (which is also unnamed, but it should be obvious which campus Riesling was referring to). As the story progresses, he got struck by this 'magical valentine moment' and had a romantic moment with the (yes, also unnamed) girl. The story involves chocolate, yes - so you should be able to guess what will happen next.

...well, not much else to say, really. Although I found the story's progression to be interesting and enjoyable, the story's ending is quite awkward and generic in my eyes. I feel like the ending's being rushed somehow, as it feels like altering from a liquid flow of words into something too solid in a sudden. Riesling herself stated that there will be a bigger continuation of this story someday though, so it's safe to speculate that this short story acts as a 'trailer'. There are some ambiguous sentences also though, most notably the 'Padahal biasanya sehari ketemu nggak sekali' line - doesn't really matter though if you freed your mind while reading this.

In the end, my feelings went mixed after reading this. Again, I'd say this is highly subjective - to be honest I personally had just suffered from a great loss this morning, and I still had that mournful feeling clustering on my head right now. I can say that clearness and tranquility isn't on me at all right now, so... yeah, I'd just leave this post with the link to the story (:

Happy valent-- Haha, you were expecting me to end with that line, weren't you? ...not really, I'd rather end this post with a fitting song to accompany the story instead (as I've mentioned StrifeII as well!)

- Nivalyx

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  1. First of all, thank you very much for your mention of Strife II. I regret not finding his songs earlier. On the account of the story itself, I must say it's not my cup of tea, and it's incredibly abrupt. The ending in particular is like an afterthought. Of Riesling's stories, I think I'd pass on this one (unless she's planning on rewriting the story. It's, afterall, part of a much bigger series, yes?).